Studies show that using technology helps young children learn how to multitask more effectively. While multitasking never allows you to fully focus on one area, students can learn how to listen and type to take notes, or other multitasking activities that can help them succeed in their future.

Kids have big imaginations; too big to be contained. Where in the past they only had art supplies like crayons and colored markers at their disposal to get those ideas out and into a conveyable form, they now have computers, tablets, and so much more to help them turn such thoughts into reality, whether that’s through a more traditional drawing medium or through digital art.

Sure, they still have pens and paper, but now, instead of – or in addition to – drawing a picture, they can create a 3D animation, and then even send that animation to a 3D printer to allow it to take on a physical form. Who knows…their creation could be the prototype to a million dollar business.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

― Bill Gates

The skills learned from interacting with technology each have an attached creative form of expression. Coding is a skill, but programming a video game or mobile app is the expression.

Benefits of Technology for Kids

  • Creativity and freedom of expression
  • Socialization and relationship building
  • Independence and empowerment
  • Problem solving and perseverance
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Learning enhancement
  • In-demand job prep

The Positive Power of Technology

As technology continues to grow and flourish, there will be more demand for professionals ready to take on technology careers. When children start getting excited about technology and the potential it offers them from a young age, they’re more prepared for their future and the possibilities it offers.

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